3D inscription

A 3D inscription (plastic letter) is a three-dimensional letter,3D felirat 1 - Sign System Kftgraphic, or logo that protrudes from the plane. We recommend using the 3D caption if you need a more demanding, spectacular display compared to a flat board, but you do not need to use illuminated characters. It works well on its own, but can also be part of a complex advertising device. The possibilities of using materials are almost limitless, with our CNC-controlled cutting machines almost any material can be machined, be it aluminum, steel, copper, plexiglass, PVC, wood, MDF, sandwich board or expanded polystyrene. Night visibility can be achieved with external or internal lighting, if you need interior lighting, please visit our Illuminated letters menu item.

Making a 3D sign from metal: the most durable solution 3D felirat 2 - Sign System Kftközül a legtartósabb kivitelnek tekinthető megoldás. 3D felirat 3 - Sign System Kftout of the material uses listed above. The characters or logo made of metal are produced with our CNC-controlled letter folding ma- chine, so almost any shape is produced with high precision, in unlimited quantities, of the same quality, ie in a way that can be reproduced at any time. The surface of the aluminum 3D inscription is protected by powder coating or painting in the automotive industry. Stainless steel inscriptions in brushed or mirrored design, copper characters are patinated.

Plastic inscriptions made of plexiglass: In the case of a protrusion between 3-30 mm, the 3D inscription can be cut out of solid plexiglass. It obtains its final color by painting, but it can also be a plexiglass base material colored in its material, which color can be selected from the color chain provided by the raw material distributor. For higher mantle heights, we recommend making glued plexiglass box letters.

Expanded polystyrene: The base material 3D felirat 4 - Sign System Kft may be known as a step-resistant insulation used in construction. The inscription or figure is cut out with a computer-controlled foam cutter, the available thickness being between 2 and 10 cm. Its surface protection is done with modern concrete paint of the color specified in the RAL or Pantone color scale.

PVC and other plastics: Its application depends on the conditions of use (eg UV radiation) and the paintability of the selected material. Our specialists help you with the right choice of material with full expert advice.

Wood, MDF: We recommend it primarily as an interior decoration element, the desired result can be achieved by painting, staining and varnishing.

With the right choice of materials 3D felirat 5 - Sign System Kftand technology, as well as well-thought-out design, the 3D sign can be a defining part of the interior or building facade. As with all other advertising media, the placement of the 3D sign in a visible way from a public space is subject to cityscape reviews across the country, as directed by the local Urban Image Handbook.

Each 3D caption requires unique technical and graphic design, 3D felirat 6 - Sign System Kft so contact us and our expert colleagues will answer your questions and, once you know your needs, will suggest that you find the most suitable 3D caption design for you, or we can offer other alternative solutions to keep high technical content. and cost-effectiveness. All products manufactured by Sign System Kft. Are advertising tools made of quality raw materials with careful engineering design and modern machines.