Edge-lit sign

The main advantage of an edge-lit sign is its fast and cheap production, so it is an easy-to-manufacture but spectacular option for series production, cam- paign-like purposes, directional, in- formative or point-of-sale signage and logos.

A few words about the production of the edge-lit sign: a 6-8-10 mm  thick clear plexiglass-milled inscription or figure, which is illuminated along the edge of the plexiglass board, and the light comes out by drawing the contour of the plexiglass-milled pattern. Each edge of the etched plexiglass is machined with a clear edge finish, which gives the product an elegant look.

The lighting is provided by a LED rod or LED strip molded in a powder-coated aluminum profile and molded with synthetic resin. Élvilágító reklámtábla 1 - Sign SystemAnother creative possibility is the use of RGB (color-changing) LED light, where you can also change the color of the lighting with an easy-to-use radio remote control, and a unique light play can also be achieved by programmed color change. The graphics of the edge-lit sign (depending on the complexity) can also be colored, which is displayed with self-adhesive film. It also inverts a spectacular, unique display in an inverted way, Élvilágító reklámtábla 2 - Sign Systemif the engraved graphics / captions remain clear and the surroundings are covered with a light-blocking foil. In terms, of size, only commercially available board sizes limit it. In the past, it was possible to produce small edge-lit signs, but thanks to the modern, high-brightness LEDs currently available, large-scale portal advertisements can also be produced.

In case of wall design, the installation is done with anodized aluminum or stainless steel spacers, but in case of space demand, there is also a possibility of suspension. Élvilágító reklámtábla 3 - Sign SystemAs a decorative object, an edge-lit advertising board with a base design can also be made, with an almost unlimited design. Élvilágító reklámtábla 4 - Sign System It can be used to create a decorative yet cost-effective information system in hotels, office buildings, and other institutions that require effective guidance. Due to its low production cost, we also recommend the edge light board in small series for individual representation needs and as a gift. In this case, a pre-assembled edge-lit sign with a mains plug will be handed over, so that the device can be commissioned without electrical expertise. The edge-il luminated sign with the insertion of a voltage regulator is also, suitable for use in a motor vehicle, hobby or other purpose. (Eg school bus signal, ambulance, etc.)

The raw materials used are always selected in the name of durability, so our company offers a full 24-month guarantee for the edge-lit signs we manufacture. Our staff who are prepared to implement your unique idea are at your disposal!