lluminated letters

Világító betűk 1 - Sign System KftIn case of increased customer expectations or relevant building regulations, the implementation of separate illuminated letters, ie box letters, can be an excellent solution for the preparation of the sign. The technology is perfectly applicable for the production of medium and large illuminated plastic letters, logos and other image elements. Another advantage is that they have low energy requirements and minimal maintenance, thus significantly reducing operating costs.Világító betűk 2 - Sign System KftThe raw materials used are always selected for durability (plexiglass, stainless steel, aluminum, waterproof LED module, 5-7 years outdoor durable adhesive film, etc.), thus, our company offers a 3-5 year full warranty on the operation of all illuminated letters we produce. Illuminated letters can be used as advertising media both indoors and outdoors, and in addition to the letters, unique graphic elements and logos can also be created in a way that stands out from the plane. The illuminated letters can be mounted individually (prior to proper electrical pre-wiring) or pre-mounted on a lad- der frame or tray panel that combines the characters.

In addition to the different manufacturing methods, the illuminated letters can be grouped mostly according to the direction of the light emitted.

Pre-lit letters:: The light exits on the front panel, which is made of plexiglass or stretched foil. The required color can be produced in several ways: It is available by foiling, but a colored raw material can also be used. Of particular interest is Black & White plexiglass and foil, which is a special raw material that is black in the incident light and white in the transmitted light. It can be a compromise solution for pre-lit inscriptions when the color to be applied according to the image is black.

Backlit letters (indirectly lit letters): (indirekt megvilágítású betűk): Világító betűk 4 - Sign System KftLighting with a decorative appearance when light is reflected from a scattering surface. When switched on, we can see the exact contour of the billboard or an inscription made of light, thus creating an interesting, floating effect.

Another option is to create illuminated letters that complement the above options with side lighting.

Világító betűk 5 - Sign System KftThe illuminated letters we manufacture are produced with state-of-the-art machines (CNC-controlled laser cutting machine, contour milling machine, and box letter folding machine), precise manufacturable work and but continuous testing of lighting design are essential to achieve a quality end result.

Keeping pace with the latest plastic illuminated sign production methods, we also undertake the production of solid plexiglass characters. The basic material of the illuminated letters made in this way is 20-30 mm thick, opal plexiglass developed exclusively for this purpose, into which the location of the light source (LED) is formed with the help of a CNC milling machine. In the etched nest, the LEDs are fixed by pouring clear resin. The character produced inthis way can be painted and foiled according to the customer’s needs.