Illuminated signs

Nowadays, it is a real challenge to stop people for a few seconds and gain their attention with advertising media, for which the market offers a variety of realization opportunities. That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on finding new technologies in the illuminated advertising equipment business and strive to be among the first to fit into our palette. In the crowd of advertising equipments, there is a growing demand for the use of an impeccable, unique, attention-grabbing, illuminated advertising equipment, which faithfully reflects the qualities of the customer. Világító reklámtábla 1 - Sign System Kft

An advertising box fulfills its function if the customer gains an advantage over his competitors, or helps to orient his customers and assigns value to his activities. Analyzing the market demand, we concluded that there is a need for the implementation of individual ideas, as well as for the production and project management of premium illuminated advertising equipments that take into account the price / value ratio.

Therefore, our target audience is domestic and multinational companies that are economically viable, energy-saving and low-maintenance devices in the long run, and last but not least, committed to aesthetics. That is why the three most important cornerstones of our corporate strategy are reliable quality, flexibility and, last but not least, cost efficiency.

During the production of illuminated advertising equipments in Hungary and the surrounding countries in recent years, we have established a good partnership with customers who are committed to reliable and high-quality products.Világító reklámtábla 2 - Sign System Kft

Once the demand for an illuminated advertising equipment has arisen, we provide a full range of services to our customers. In addition to on-site survey and consulting, our customer can rely on our more than 20 years of professional experience through careful graphic and technical design that takes into account the aspects of manufacturability.


The illuminated advertising equipments and light boxes manufactured by us are made of the most modern aluminum advertising profiles, the surface treatment of which is done by electro-static powder spraying to the desired color. In the case of an illuminated advertising box or sign, the inscription or logo to be displayed is realized on a light-transmitting front panel laminated with an adhesive film with an outdoor durability of 5-7 years, single-sided or double-sided, using energy-saving, high-quality, modern LEDs for lighting.

Taking into account the conditions to be followed and the local conditions, there are several possibilities for the construction of a light board.

Világító reklámtábla 3 - Sign System Kft

Traditional lighting box: The most common lighting device, single or double-sided, mostly rectangular, sometimes shaped (sign, lighting logo). The lightest advertising equipment that can be produced at the lowest cost, is a less preferred solution considering cityscape aspects.

Inlaid light box: A light box, the front of which is created by a combination of several materials of different colors and thicknesses. The front panel can be illuminated over its entire surface, but an illuminated logo or inscription protruding from a non-illuminated base plate can also be made.

Világító reklámtábla 5 - Sign System Kft

Stretched foil illuminated advertising equipment: A technology used for large neon signs, a popular roof advertising or illuminated frieze construction method. The front of the light box is a translucent, fabric-reinforced PVC tarpaulin that is highly resistant to outdoor conditions. Tightened to the support structure, it provides a durable and homogeneous surface. Its necessity stems from the limited size and physical properties (thermal expansion, mass, etc.) of board materials. On the stretched film, the graphic appearance is done by direct printing or cut film.

The information briefly described cannot be considered as complete information, as each brand or idea has a unique illuminated advertising equipment, which always requires a different technical solution, taking into account the possibilities provided by the built environment. Contact us so that we can get to know your company’s image and ideas, so that we can find the most suitable technical solution for you in a short time.